Membership is a vital part of the participation in the church.

Membership is important for several reasons. First, only members can be eligible for formal church leadership (board, trustee, etc). Secondly, only members can vote on the selection of our Lead Pastor and on any changes to our Constitution and By-Laws.

Finally, becoming a member signifies a voluntary, but non-binding, commitment to our faith community.

Submitting Your Membership Application

  • When you have completed your application, please seal it in an envelope, with a recent photo of yourself. You can also email a photo to us at
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (231) 269-4190 or email us at
  • Applications can be dropped off at THE HUB during weekend services or at The Tabernacle during office hours (Monday-Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm).
  • There are three ways to submit your membership application; online by clicking the button above, you can ask for a hard copy at The HUB, or if you click the button below, you can download a PDF copy of our application.


If you have any other questions, please email us by clicking the button below!

Join us at

MERGE: the On-Ramp to membership at The Tabernacle

MERGE is an on-ramp for people who want to get connected to the vision, mission and direction of The Tabernacle. It is an opportunity to meet the staff, hear our story and learn our DNA.

MERGE isn't a class. It features outstanding food and a laid-back, conversational atmosphere with new friends, which is led by the pastoral staff. MERGE is a requirement for those seeking to become members at The Tabernacle, but not exclusively for those membership candidates. There is no pressure to join the church for those who attend.

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