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You can expect to be invited to participate in whatever random fun and games we have set up that night. We will always connect to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but if you’re still not sure about all that, you're more than welcome to hang out while we try to figure that out together. If you think you’ve got the whole Bible figured out, expect to be challenged. Our leaders are here to get to know our students and give them a place to talk and connect with their peers in the most fun and exciting environment we can create, and we believe Jesus will meet us right where we’re at.



Because we all need to connect and this is way more fun than the newest SnapChat filters! Life can be pretty tough sometimes and we are all a little lost and broken.  At TAByouth, we believe that Jesus meant for us to share in life with Him and each other so that we can have the most abundant life possible. Also, we believe that each person must find faith in their own way. It cannot simply be handed down, so we create a place students can ask the questions that lead to Jesus.


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