1. James Oliver on November 18, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    Are all sermons just a video presentation by pastor john?

    • TAB Staff on December 3, 2019 at 10:47 pm

      Thanks for the comment! Pastor John is our lead pastor and does deliver most of the sermons at Tab. Depending on which campus you attend- you could get a live sermon or a video sermon, unless of course, you attend online- then it will always be a video. We do our best to utilize people’s gifts and technology to share the gospel as wide-reaching as possible, sometimes this means a video and sometimes this means a live teacher. We also have two campus pastors per campus that preach (among other things) and just this last weekend we had our student ministries Pastor, Martin, live down in Manistee, and Ben preached live in Buckley.

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